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WSU's 2012 International Wood Composites Symposium

The International Wood Composites Symposium, hosted by Washington State University (WSU) in collaboration with the Northwest Advanced Renewable Alliance (NARA), presented "Managing the Woody Biomass Supply Chain - Impact on Your Business" in Seattle on April 11-13, 2012. It offered an industry-driven forum for producers, suppliers, and researchers to focus on competing demands and opportunities in the woody biomass supply chain that impact business success. Resource managers, regulators, harvesters, recyclers, primary and secondary manufacturers in both wood and wood-based composite products and biofuel/bioenergy industries discussed the latest developments in their fields.

This year's symposium focused on competing demands and opportunities in the woody biomass supply chain that impact business success.

  • Industry leaders identified key global trends, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Industry, research, association, and community leaders networked during breaks, lunches, and networking reception during the technical poster session.
  • 24 technical posters were presented by students, researchers, and companies.
  • The Event consisted of two days of presentations, a poster session with 24 technical posters presented by students, researchers, and companies, vendor displays, networking reception, and an optional field trip to nearby facilities.

This project is part of the Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance (NARA), supported by the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative Competitive Grant no. 2011-68005-30416 from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Future Demands for Woody Biomass

Mike Jostrom (Keynote Speaker)

Director of Renewable Resources, Plum Creek Timber Company

Resolving feedstock conflicts between traditional and emerging industries

Laurel Harmon

Vice President−Government Relations, LanzaTech Inc.

International policy development for biofuels and bioenergy industries

Dwight Anderson

Bioconversion Lead, Catchlight Energy, LLC

Value chain development in the emerging biofuel industry

Jamie Barbour

Program Manager, Focused Science Delivery and Goods, Services, and Values Programs, USDA Forest Service, PNW Research Station

Opportunities from Forest Service biomass policy and management approaches

Bruce Lippke

Professor Emeritus, University of Washington College of Environment

Environmental impacts and policy conflicts between biofuels and engineered wood products

Christopher Wright

Manager, Idaho National Laboratory Biofuels & Renewable Energy Technologies

Expanding our thinking of woody feedstock supply systems for bioenergy production

Michael Wolcott

Professor; Director, Institute for Sustainable Design, Washington State University

Woody biomass supply chain dynamics for integrated technologies

Biofuels and Bioenergy: New Products, Markets, and Processes

David Sjoding

Energy Program Coordinator, Washington State University Energy Program

Bioenergy policies

Tom Miles

President, T.R. Miles Technical Consultants

Securing and handling biomass feedstocks

John Crouch

Director of Public Affairs, Pellet Fuels Institute and HPBA

Biomass supply and markets for the pellet fuel industry

Michael Rushton

COO, Lignol Innovations Inc., Canada

Lignol's flexible biorefinery technology

Christian Roy

President, Pyrovac Inc., Canada

What future for biomass pyrolysis?

Rachael Jamison

Energy/Climate Policy Specialist, Washington State Dept. of Natural Resources

Ensuring sustainability in the emerging forest biomass market: DNR's proactive approach

Composites: New Products, Markets, and Processes

Geoff Rhodes

President, Geoff Rhodes Associates, United Kingdom

Learning and innovation go hand-in-hand

William Mitchell

Vice President, The Beck Group

Lessons learned from benchmarking studies of composite industries

John Bowser

President/CEO, NewWood Manufacturing

Securing a reliable, long-term supply of recycled biomass for manufacturing: A case study of New-Wood Manufacturing

Karl Englund

Associate Research Professor and Extension Specialist, Composite Materials and Engineering, Washington State University

Pyrolytic Lignins as a Thermoplastic Resin for Wood Composites

Patrick Govang

President and CEO, e2e Materials

Re-thinking the commodity supply model to create sustainable value

Mathias Fischer

Sales Director, GreCon, Germany

Preventive fire and explosion protection with effective spark detection and extinguishment

Redefining Your Biomass Supply

William Mitchell

Vice President, The Beck Group

Fiber supply for bioenergy (co-gen)

Bruce Summers

Harvesting and Product Sales Manager, GreenWood Resources, Inc.

Hybrid poplar: A tree for all reasons

Terry Gillis

General Manager, Recovery 1

Accessing wood in our municipal solid waste streams

Jim Dooley

CTO, Forest Concepts LLC

Beneficiation of chipped and shredded woody biomass

Donald Bisson

Vice President, Government and Industry Affairs, Composite Panel Association

The Federal biomass debate and the importance of wood products manufacturing to the US economy

Biomass logistics and utilization

Bill Hermann

CEO, Hermann Brothers Logging and Construction

Woody biomass harvesting and transportation

Han-Sup Han

Professor, Humboldt State University

Collection and transportation of forest residuals for energy production

Ed Tolan

Purchasing Executive, Nippon Paper Industries

Biomass utilization for bioenergy

Biofuels and Bioenergy: Pretreatment and Conversion Strategies

Tom Amidon

Professor & Director of ESPRI, SUNY-ESF

Autocatalytic pretreatment of woody biomass for extraction of hemicelluloses for biofuels and biopolymers

Joel Howard

CEO, Applied Biorefinery Sciences LLC

Economic advantages of ABS Process™ Biorefinery Technology for wood fuel pellets and composites: Answers and questions

Tom Elder

Research Technologist, USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station

Gasification of woody biomass as a route to energy and fuels

Vicky Putsche

Sr. Process Engineer, Gevo Inc.

Biobutanol: Fueling the next generation biorefinery

Richard Berry

VP and Chief Technology Officer, CelluForce, Inc., Canada

Nanocrystalline cellulose (NCC) from wood for high-value downstream products

Muhammad Moniruzzaman

Asst. Professor, Dept. of Material and Energy Science, Okayama University, Japan

Ionic liquids in pretreatment of woody biomass: An efficient approach for cellulose separation

Composites: Advances in Technology

Tomas Joscak

CEO, Dascanova GmbH, Austria

Three-dimensional rearrangement of the wood-based panel density in one press process

David Harmon

Lab & NA Wood Fiber, Technical Manager, Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc.

Low formaldehyde emission challenges in composite wood products

Tony Ferrante

Sales and Service Manager, Columbia Forest Products

Commercialization of a new protein-based adhesive system

Michael Rushton

COO, Lignol Innovations Inc., Canada

Use of HP-L™ Lignin as an ingredient in wood composite adhesives

Ray Roberts

Consultant Physicist, RJ Roberts Consulting, Australia

Core blending efficiency improvements achieved in continuous pressing of particleboard

Ning Yan

Associate Professor, University of Toronto, Canada

Bark biorefinery: Conversion of bark residue to bark-based PF adhesives and PU foams

Stakeholder Engaging Opportunity

NARA Stakeholder Engaging Opportunity

Organizing Committee

Vikram Yadama, Washington State Univ.
Robert Tichy, Washington State Univ.
Karl Englund, Washington State Univ.
Randy Brooks, Univ. of Idaho
Scott Leavengood, Oregon State Univ.
Craig Rawlings, Forest Business Network
Eini Lowell, USDA Forest Service, PNW Research Station

Download all symposium documents
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Keynote Speaker Mike Jostrom
Keynote Speaker Mike Jostrom, Director of Renewable Resources, Plum Creek Timber Company

Jillian Moroney discusses her poster
Jillian Moroney with her poster Clearwater Basin Bioenergy Survey during the technical poster session