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Lewiston Mill

BioIDeX Clearwater Basin Community Project

A subhead for the Lewiston Mill site.

Lewiston Mill Site

The Lewiston Mill team will evaluate the Lewiston Mill in order to determine the property's ability to follow the necessary processing steps to transform the received woody bio-mass from the Jaype, Idaho site to isobutanol for use in airliners in the Northwest region of the United States. To come to an appropriate design for the site layout and process, the inventory development will delve into the history of the site and look at past and current conditions on the site, review any necessary permits and policies which could affect opperations of the site, and look at the existing structures on site to determine their suitability for processing, storing, and shipping isobutenal. The process of inventory and analysis will result in a decisive placement of all of the products ranging from receiving to shipping. Each processing step will receive a suggested placement location within the site's context with additional processing placement locations dependent upon future needs.

Advantages of the Lewsiton Paper Mill

  • Pulping process is similar in preparing woody biomass for Isobutanol production
  • Permitting for environmental impacts is already available.
  • Infrastructure is in place
  • Natural capital and physical capital in place

Additional Treatment

  • ABE Fermentation
  • Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP)
  • Used as a pretreatment
  • Converts contaminants to water, carbon dioxide, and salts

Wastewater Design

  • Determine load in pulp treatment to estimate production of wastewater
  • Size wastewater facility
  • Include AOP treatment
  • Compare to pulp mill sites to determine if the facility can handle the capacity

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