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  • Education Group Education

    Engage citizens, meet future workforce needs, enhance science literacy in biofuels, and help people understand how they're going to fit into the new energy economy.

  • Systems Metrics Group Sustainability Measurement

    Evaluate and assess environmental, social, and economic viability of the overall wood to biofuels supply chain, guiding the project as it goes forward.

  • Feedstock Group Feedstocks

    Take a multi-pronged approach for the development and sustainable production of feedstocks made from wood materials, including forest and mill residues, municipal solid waste, and specialty energy crops.

  • Conversion Group Conversion

    Provide a biomass-derived replacement for aviation fuel and other petroleum-derived chemicals in a way that is economically and technologically feasible.

  • Outreach Group Outreach

    Serve as a conduit between researchers and community stakeholders, helping to transfer the science and technology of biofuels and important co-products to communities in the Northwest.