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NARA Outreach

The outreach team for NARA will serve as a conduit between researchers and member of communities and help to transfer the science and technology of biofuels and important co-products to communities in the Northwest.

Why Get Involved?

Have your voice heard

We value your perspectives and input

We believe that development of biofuels/co-products from woody biomass is a two-way process between the research teams, industry partners, and the community members such as yourself.

Keep yourself informed

Science and technology developed by NARA

As NARA teams develop science and technology, keep yourself informed and up to date on latest developments. Find out about upcoming NARA activities.

Be a delegate

Serve as a conduit between NARA and

  • your community
  • your company
  • your agency
  • your association
  • your peers

Benefits Of Being Connected

  • News regarding NARA research and activities
  • Announcements and invitations to workshops, seminars, webinars, conferences, etc.
  • Facts-based information on woody biomass for biofuels and co-products
  • Networking and business opportunities

NARA's Five Teams

To meet its mission's goals, the Alliance is broken down into specific areas of focus: