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Training Opportunities

NARA Education

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Interdisciplinary Graduate Training

  1. Create graduate students with the integration, teamwork and communication skills needed to be leaders in the bioenergy and bioproducts economy.
  2. Build multicultural perspectives into the graduate study
  3. Improve the diversity of STEM graduate programs.
  4. Disseminate research, technology, and economic development opportunities to diverse stakeholders

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

REU participants participate in full time research experiences for a summer (10 weeks) program that provides laboratory, fieldwork and research skills in the broad area of biofuels research. The REU program goals are:

  • To excite undergraduate students about cutting edge research in the areas of biofuels
  • Develop skills needed for future biofuels research careers
  • Increase the number of students participating in biofuels research in the northwest, including those from schools which do not have strong research efforts
  • Integrate mentoring experiences for graduate students and post docs into a formalized┬átraining program

NARA Affiliated Universities and Colleges


NARA's Five Teams

To meet its mission's goals, the Alliance is broken down into specific areas of focus: